Women’s Figure

Classes and Divisions:

  • Figure Novice Division
  • Figure Masters Division
    • (35+ years of age)
  • Figure Short
  • Figure Middle
  • Figure Tall
  • Figure Pro (Spring Show Only)

Figure height classes will be determined after all entries have been received.

PROMOTER HAS THE OPTION TO CHANGE HEIGHT CLASSES. For example, if only one competitor is in one class she may be moved to another class.

Only overall class winners in the open division will qualify for professional status. There must be competitors in each open division height class to have an overall winner.

“Novice” means a competitor who has NOT placed in the top 3 in an open division in any organization and who has not won 1st place in a novice division in any organization. A competitor cannot compete in both the Novice division and an open height class. A Novice can crossover and also compete as a Master.

Judging Criteria:

  1. Muscular Development
    • Are the muscles toned but not visible?
    • Is there a reasonable amount of body fat so that separation between the muscles is visible but muscle fibers aren’t?

    • Symmetry and Proportion
      • Do the right and left sides look balanced?
      • Is there an even flow throughout the body?
      • Is there a balance of muscle groups, so that none stand out from the rest?

    • Stage Presence
      • Does the competitor demonstrate confidence?
      • Does the competitor walk and turn smoothly and with poise?
      • Also considered: grooming, posture, skin tone, make-up and suit selection


Open to NATURAL Amateur athletes who hold a current NGA card. If you are a current member, please bring your membership card. If you are not a current member, you can join online at www.nationalgym.com.

To compete in the Pro division, a competitor must have won the Overall award at an NGA-sanctioned event. He or she should have a current NGA Pro card. (Spring Show ONLY)

Pre-Judging and Poses:

  • Both the prejudging and the evening awards show will be held at: Location to be determined – Boise, ID
  • Saturday, September 29, 2012
    • Contest Check-In – 7am
    • Pre-Judging – 9am
    • Evening Awards Show – 5pm

At check-in, competitors will receive a competitor’s packet, contest t-shirt and goodie bag from sponsors. Please bring your polygraph receipt and NGA membership card to check-in.

Competitors will line up backstage and walk onto the stage one at a time to perform a Model Walk:

The Model Walk (T-Walk):

  • Walk to the corner of the stage and model pose
  • Walk to the opposite corner of the stage and model pose
  • Walk to the center of the stage
  • Pause facing forward so that judges can clearly see you in your front mandatory pose
  • Turn to the back for your mandatory back pose and pause. If hair is long, sweep it to the front so back and shoulders can be seen by the judges.
  • Turn to the front again for side relaxed/model pose (body facing the judges), pause and curtsy
  • Walk off stage. Be prepared to come back onstage with the group.

Prejudging can be an exhausting task, and a competitor can be on stage for quite a long time. But it is this time when most of the judging actually happens. The evening show is just what it describes: it is an evening “show” for the audience.

Evening Show:

For each weight class:

The morning prejudging will be your biggest opportunity to show yourself on stage, and it is at this time that you should encourage your friends and family who are planning on attending to come and watch. Awards will be given out on Saturday evening.

  • First five places each weight class will receive NEILS ANDERSON Sculptures and Medallions
  • Pros’ Cash Awards (Spring Show): 1st $900 – 2nd $700 – 3rd $500 – 4th $300 – 5th $175


  • Two piece suit
    • Should enhance competitor’s look
    • Two pieces may be connected
    • Must be within good taste; no thongs permitted
      • Promoter reserves the right to ban any swimsuit not within good taste.
    • Must wear high heels
    • Jewelry, hair ornaments and body glitter are allowed.
    • No oil may be used, but sheen is okay.
    • Competitors should use a tanning product to improve appearance under the bright stage lights
    • Makeup, hair and grooming should be well done but not distracting.


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